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SanteSuite Products


SanteDB is the generic platform upon which all SanteSuite applications are built. SanteDB provides a robust, flexible, disconnected clinical data repository (CDR) and concept dictionary management solution.


SanteMPI is the next generation master patient index (MPI) based on SanteDB CDR. Building on the MEDIC CR 1.2, this robust patient matching solution includes additional privacy and security controls and probabalistic matching.


SanteEMR provides a flexible primary care electronic medical records system which operates in disconnected mode for months at a time. SanteEMR provides a user interface atop the SanteDB CDR and has complete support for offline use.


SanteMatch is a commercial probabalistic matching engine for SanteDB. With SanteMatch it is possible to identify duplicate patients, substance administrations, materials, concepts, and other data elements within the SanteDB instance.


SanteGrid provides a multi-master application level federation solution for SanteDB instances, allowing countries and jurisdictions to scale up their solution and provide partial-synchronization between SanteDB HDSI server instances.


SanteGuard is a complete and robust toolset for reviewing and maintaining privacy and security audit logs within a SanteDB instance. SanteGuard allows administrators to query, audit and make decisions based on events ocurring within a SanteDB deployment.

SanteSuite Architecture

Public & Private Cloud

The SanteSuite server side HDSI (Health Data Services Interface) is flexible and can operate on public infrastructure as well as privately hosted data centres, allowing for maximum flexibility in your deployment.

Open Source Platform

The SanteDB platform upon which SanteSuite is built is 100% open source and released under the Apache 2.0 license. SanteSuite team members are committed to maintaining this platform for the community.

Mobile & Desktop

Several SanteSuite components can be accessed from mobile devices in offline mode (Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android 4.4 tablets) where they maintain 100% behaviorial and data integrity with the server side solutions.

Standards Based

All SanteSuite products (SanteEMR, SanteMPI, SanteGuard) adhere to international data standards including HL7 FHIR, HL7 Version 2.x, HL7 CDA, IHE PIX & PDQ, IHE ATNA, GS1 BMS XML, OAUTH, and many more .

Our Community Members

Madeline Barber Dal Molin

Product Owner, Partnership

Joseph Dal Molin

Product Owner, Feature Lead

Justin Fyfe

Architecture, Lead Developer

Paul Brown


Nityan Khanna

Developer (SanteDB, SanteEMR/OpenIZ)

Mohammed Ibrahimn

Developer (SanteDB, SanteEMR/OpenIZ)