Who We Are

Social Benefits

SanteSuite Inc. is a social benefits corporation (B Corp status pending) which believes in a “quadruple bottom line” (Purpose, People, Planet, Profit) philosophy. Although we fully agree that sound management of financial resources is important, our Purpose, People and the Planet will always come before financial Profits.

Our Reason for Being

The Japanese have a concept called “Ikigai” which translates to “a reason for being”. SSI was founded with a clear reason for being, which is to enable the best health for all citizens of the world using digital technologies. Crafting high impact, affordable digital health solutions is what we love, it is what we are good at and it is what the world needs..

Our Mission & Values

The mission of SanteSuite Inc. can be summed up as “Best Health for All”, regardless of gender, race, religion, political belief, geography, economic or social condition. SanteSuite core values are Accountability, Caring, Commitment, Compassion, Continuous Improvement, Courage, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity, Passion, Quality, Respect & Trust

What Does Sante Mean?

SanteSuite Incorporated borrows the word santé from Old French, which when translated to English means “Health”. The origin of the word santé comes from very early Old French “sanitad”, from Latin sānitātem/sānitās (genitive sānitātis); which means “health as in soundness of body & sanity as in soundness of mind”.

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50 Years of Experience

Building powerful enterprise digital health solutions for infrastructure, primary care, and administrators.

About Us

SanteSuite Inc.

SanteSuite Inc. (SSI) is one of the world’s most experienced teams in global digital health systems research, development and implementation around the globe.



Our team has led national-scale digital health system deployments in Canada, Jordan, Tanzania, and Southeast Asia.



We have enabled tens of millions of patients to be cared for through leveraging digital solutions.


SanteSuite Solutions


Complete Digital Health Solutions

We’ve crafted an awesome toolkit of software solutions based around the SanteDB Clinical Data Repository.

Customizable Patient Dashboards

SanteMPI allows implementers to easily customize and reuse components to construct use-case and jurisdiction specific dashboards for patients, facilities, providers, etc.

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Offline-First Design

The entire SanteSuite platform is based on SanteDB which offers a complete CDR solution even in clinics where internet is slow and/or intermittently available.

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Security By Design

All actions within the SanteSuite platform are subjected to detailed audit tracking and logging. This means you know which device, user and application is accessing which piece of data at what time.

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Security Access Insights

SanteGuard provides systems administrators with detailed information about the complete lifecycle of all clinical objects. Quickly see which users, applications, and devices have accessed, updated, and created individual data elements.

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Extensible Dashboarding

With SanteMPI , implementers can easily customize dashboards which provide insights into recent events, trends in the database, and more.

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Linked Patient Registrations

SanteMPI allows clinicians to easily establish links between patients, people, villages, facilities, devices, and much more. SanteMPI’s flexible user interface solution abstracts these complexities in a way that clinicians can easily understand.

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Detailed Event Tracking

SanteMPI allows implementers to extend the core dataset beyond a simple patient management. You can capture detailed information about births, deaths, and encounters.

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Master Data Management

SanteMPI can have MDM functionality enabled within its data store. With MDM, each data source is provided a segregated local record which that source controls, administrators and system processes can create records of truth and leverage a single golden record for patients, facilities, materials, and more.

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Powerful Administrative Tools

SanteMPI provides a comprehensive series of administrative tools which allow administrators to easily view and manipulate data within the CDR. Data administrators can easily see identified data quality issues, relationships with other entities, and more.

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Interested in the technology?

Check us out at for a more tech focused presentation of our solutions.


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"The BID Initiative Story highlights the value of collaborative, country-driven planning; local leadership and ownership; user-centered design; and continuous learning and adaptation when developing and deploying innovations."

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